Middle of the night about a month ago, I woke up to a chirp.  No, not a bird.  It's with disgrace I admit I did not take the advice of the fire department months ago, and didn't change the battery on my smoke alarm.  And this weekend... it's time again, as we SPRING FORWARD!  Yup, that time of year we hate, as we LOSE an hour sleep, and show up late to work on Monday (admittedly some of you on purpose, right?).   So make sure you change your clocks before head hits pillow Saturday night.

But that's not the only thing to change! You should always use this time change to replace the batteries on your smoke detectors.  As I said above, I didn't do it this past fall, figuring I'd be fine with once a year.  Besides, ever since they changed when the daylight savings times hit in the year, to me it seemed silly to toss batteries that had been used for only 16 weeks through the winter.  Not a smart decision, because no matter how budget conscious you are, why put a price on a life saving device?  (Plus, no random annoying chirps in the middle of the night... never in the middle of the day by the way... conspiracy?)


Check out these startling facts, and other Smoke Alarm Safety info courtesy of the CR Fire Dept.:

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A working smoke alarm can decrease a family’s risk of dying in a fire by nearly 50 percent.  Last year in Cedar Rapids, smoke alarms alerted occupants in 33.3 percent of all of the residential fires in Cedar Rapids.  Unfortunately, nearly two-thirds of the time, there was not a working smoke alarm.   The most common cause of smoke alarm failure was missing or worn batteries.
Smoke alarms should be installed on every level of your home.  They should also be installed inside and outside of sleeping areas for maximum protection.   Test your smoke alarms monthly.  Some new smoke alarms allow lithium power cell batteries to be installed – these batteries may last up to ten years.  Smoke alarms themselves should be replaced after ten years.

So SPRING FORWARD and change those batteries this weekend!  These guys thanks you!

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