Taylor Swift has no doubt taken the country music world by storm. Now with her new album '1989', she has taken the pop music world by storm too! Her first "official" pop album has set records in it's first week, and it seems like there's no stopping the power of Taylor.First off, while '1989' is certainly a full-on pop album through and through, we have a hard time call it her first pop album, as 'Red', her 2013 release and fourth album was certainly a pop record too, although it still had a little sense of country.  Unfortunately for her big country fans, '1989' does not serve up even a taste of country.  But apparently, no one seems to mind, as sales of '1989' have been through the roof, setting records.  In just the first week, it sold 1.28 million albums. That means Taylor sold more than two copies every second last week.  According to a post by Taylor on her Facebook page an album hadn't sold like that in the first week since she was twelve.

In a time where digital sales have really killed traditional album sales, this speaks volumes (and might be part of the reason she pulled her library from Spotify).

So now that we have the album, and have probably just about burned a hole in it, what do we think?  Overall, it's fantastic.  Each song is different from one another, kind of like the pages of a book, just adding another chapter to the very personal Taylor Swift autobiography that each album is.  While the basic album has 13 tracks, the deluxe edition includes 3 extra tracks, as well as 3 voice memo recording, giving a pretty cool insight to her recording process.  All the album artwork is on polaroids too, with 5 different sets of 13 polaroids, for a total of 65 different photos, which are crazy showing up on e-bay.

Our favorite tracks include some of the major singles so far, like "Shake it Off," "Welcome to New York," and "Blank Space." (Though the video hysterically kinda freaks us out!)  We also are really digging "Bad Blood". And while we're loving the whole album, we do tend to skip a couple tracks, including "Wildest Dreams" and "Clean".

Now we are just counting down to October 8th, 2015 as Taylor has announced she's returning to Des Moines.  Tickets just went on sale last Friday morning for American Express and fan club members, and go on sale to the general public starting this Friday, November 14th.  They will sell out quick.  Luckily, she's also got shows planned for Minneapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis, and a return to Soldier Field in Chicago as well.  So there's at least some hope.

- Article contributed by Amanda Fisher.