A radio DJ in Missouri wanted to see what his dog does when he leaves, so he strapped a GoPro to him just before he left.  The result has become a viral sensation, leaving you ready to hug your pet.

I don't know about you, but I always feel bad leaving my pet alone in the house, and have always wondered what they thought.  Dog, cat, it doesn't matter.  They have feelings too, and you know they have to miss us.  This kind of proves it.  In fact, the DJ said he never heard his dog make those sounds or act like this before.  However, he further explained that when his friend comes over (the other guy you see in the video), they almost always take the dog with them on their outing.  So granted, the dog might be extremely confused.  Regardless, don't ever think your pets don't miss you.  So hug your pet today!