It's no surprise that Iowa has experienced a lot of changes since 1984. Still, seeing it transpire in this timelapse video is pretty incredible.

This very cool tool from Google allows you to take a quick look at wherever you live from 1984 through the current year. My how things have changed during that 32-year period. Take Cedar Rapids, for instance. The metro's estimated population actually dropped from 213,000 to 210,000 in the 1980's. In the last quarter-century, it's gone up by nearly 50,000. Just look at the difference in these two stills.

Cedar Rapids in 1984 via Google Earth Engine
Cedar Rapids in 2016 via Google Earth Engine

You can put the timelapse in motion below. Zoom out to find your specific area, then zoom back in to watch how things have changed. I think you'll be amazed. Now... what will the next 30 years bring?

[via Iowa State and Google Time Lapse]