Tinashe has started off 2016 with a vengeance and is back with a new electrifying song with her latest offering, "Energy." Produced by Mike Will Made It, "Energy" sees Tinashe teaming up with Juicy J and letting the vibe flow over the expansive, yet fluid, soundbed and the result is quite enticing.

After giving the beat room to breath, Tinashe takes over the ceremonies, purring "I been playing so shy, you been running a game / Said I been stuck on ya mind, baby, don't play," before painting a picture of an epic scene in the club on a weekend.

"Baby hit me like lightning / Through my body, flowing into me / Kinda feel it inside me / Light me up, you give me energy," the multi-talented beauty sings on the hook, which serves as the track's main selling-point and is instantly infectious with the potential to reel in more than a few listeners.

Juicy J shows up midway through the track and is his usually jovial self, spitting "She showed up in a trench-coat with nothing on underneath that / I cut her up like a chainsaw and lay that wood like a lumberjack / That grade-a, keep me coming back / She bout that action didn't come to chat," and wasting no time placing his stamp on the track.

"We doing jumping jacks, we doing yoga / She exercise she eat yogurt / She read books and watch Oprah / I let her ride me, I'm here chauffeur," the Juice Man muses while paying homage to his queen and turns in the kind of performance that keeps him in demand as a show-stealing guest performer.

There's no word on if "Energy" will be included on Tinashe's sophomore album, Joyride, but what we do know is that it's kinetic enough to be felt in full and should hold fans over that are awaiting a new project from R&B's new princess.

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