If you're like me, you struggle with one very important task this time of year-- wrapping gifts. They make it look so easy on TV and in the internet tutorials. But when it comes time to actually do the wrapping, it never goes well. There are several tips for those of us with this issue.



  • 1

    Get A Box

    As unskilled as I am at wrapping, I do know a box makes all the difference, and an article in Instructables agrees. Make sure the box is the right size for the item you're wrapping. Problem is, you don't always have boxes laying around. That's when it's time to befriend the grocery store/gas station clerk to set some aside on their delivery days for you to pick up regularly. Then, remember to save your shoe boxes, clothing boxes, etc. throughout the year for gift boxes when you need them.

  • 2

    Gather Your Materials

  • 3

    Choose Your Wrapping Paper

    You don't even have to use Christmas themed paper if you don't have any. The Prairie Homestead has several creative ways to wrap including using old maps or newspapers--if you still pick up the actual newspaper. The comic section in particular would be great for creative gift wrap ideas.

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    Use A Flat Surface

    A table or desk works better than the floor. This is especially true if you have carpet, which presents a whole new potential set of issues when you're handling scissors.

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    Cut The Proper Size Wrapping Paper

    According to Instructables, the best way to make sure you have the correct amount of wrapping paper for a gift is to make sure the paper goes all the way up on the sides. Then cut off the excess and fold (creating a pleat) and tape with either one long piece or several small ones in the center. Flip the box over and place your tags and bows.

  • 6

    Gift Bags

    If all that is still too overwhelming for you, or if you have an oddly shaped item needing wrapped, I suggest throwing it in a gift bag. It may seem lazy, but the right bag can look festive and classy.

  • 7

    Gift Cards

    Why struggle with the wrapping when you can give a gift card? Everyone loves them! They can get what they want, and the only wrapping required is an envelope and card.

  • 8

    Have Someone Else Do The Wrapping

    If you still can't seem to get it together when it comes to wrapping your presents, have the wrapping done for you! The Arc of East Central teams up with Lindale Mall each year for their "Wrapping for a Cause" event. Take your gifts to be wrapped to the booth in the Lindale food court, with all proceeds benefitting the Arc.