It's the first Saturday of December, and a day I look forward to every year. 
There is a ton going on, like the Fire and Ice Festival, with the parade, MerryTuba Christmas, santa, kids activities at Green Square park, the CR tree lighting,  also Nutcracker and Manheim Steamroller. But nothing gets me more in the holiday mood than Cans Film Festival.

Today,  thousands flock to Wehrenberg Theaters to see movies for free!  Well, not totally free.  Free with a donation of 5 non perishable food items.  OR, with 15 items,  you get a free movie today,  plus one in the future.  And who doesn't love movies. Plus Big Hero 6, Mockingjay, Horrible Bosses 2, Dumb and Dumber To, Interstellar,  and Theory of Everything are all playing,  among others,  so great choices. 

But what makes the event so awesome,  is that it's another way to help the community,  which is partially what the season is all about.  All food collected today goes to the Salvation Army foods pantry.  It not only stocks their shelves, but also helps feed on site too. It's their biggest event of the year,  and without it,  they say they'd be hurting. Today's donations will last roughly through June.

It's just amazing and heartwarming to see how generously people donate today,  with the biggest smiles.  It'd certainly make the Grinch's heart grow. 
Join us before 5 to help out.  Unsure what to bring?  They always need canned meats (tuna,  chicken,  salmon), soups,  fruits,  and of course veggies.  They could even use peanut butter! And while nothing will be turned away,  think variety.   And if you can't make it out today,  save the date for next year (first Saturday of Dec.), and stop by a red kettle and donate what you can.