The big day for kids is right around the corner.  For months now, those wee ones have had their minds set on a specific costume and been begging you to get it day in, day out.  We're hoping that if they want to be one of these, you've already got the costume by now, or you might have to either shell out big bucks, get creative, or go with plan B.  Take a look at what's in high demand this year.

Whatever they decide, just make sure you have the costumes ready to go by October 25th for the PlayStation's Kids Fest at the Helen G. Nassif YMCA Downtown, as the whole day kicks off with the "Monster Dash" Fun Run at 10am, with all the kids in their costumes.  Plus there'll be some great photo-ops during the day.  It's the last Saturday before the "big day", and a great time to give those costumes some extra use.

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    Elsa from "Frozen"

    Hands down, this is the top costume request this holiday.  Your's truly has a daughter who requested this from first view of the movie.  It's also EXTREMELY tough to find a great costume without paying an arm and a leg for it.  Just beware of scammers out there, as there's plenty of em on etsy and ebay.

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    As Superhero movies dominate the box office, boys everywhere have their eyes set on the favorite hero, from Captain America, Spiderman, Batman, and Ironman, to the breakout "previously unknown" stars from this year's breakout "Guardians of the Galaxy", including Groot (a tree) and Rocket Racoon.  Don't think this is just a boys world however, as girls are also in on the superhero act, including Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Spider girl, Batgirl, and Catwoman among others.

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    Ninja Turtles / Ninja

    The 90's classic is back in a big way, fueled by a new TV show a couple years back, and the new movie.  This has helped make this one of the hottest costumes.  Add in Lego's Ninjago series and the Power Rangers, and Ninja's in general are big.  Good thing is, you have lots of flexibility and choice in these costumes.  However, when the kids have their heart set on a certain character from the series (which has it's own unique color), you may run into problems.  A touch of creativity might be able to fix that however.  There should be a surplus of accessories out there, but you may want to act quick, as there's a lot of variations that draw from the "ninja" arsenal.

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    Anna (and the rest of the "Frozen" gang)

    While Elsa is the dominate and most popular of the series, there's still a huge following for the rest of the characters, including Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff  (maybe not so much for Sven the moose...). Anna might be a little more accessible, as we're confident there were just as many Anna as Elsa costumes made, and the Elsa are in hotter demand.  However, "Frozen" is HOT, so act quick!

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    Although not a kid's show, the "Walking Dead" among other things continues to fuel the "Zombie Movement" and is a very popular product, although a bit on the creepy side.  The plus side for parents is that costumes are incredibly easy (find anything old in their closet).  The make-up is the hard part, but we're sure there's plenty of videos on Youtube and Pinterest articles to help you out.

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