It was ten years ago today that a frightening EF2 tornado struck Iowa City, causing $15 million in property damage.

Hermelinda Gemma, YouTube

The Midwest is well known as "tornado alley" and for good reason.

In June 2013 the widest tornado in recorded history, an EF5 at 2.6 miles wide struck the state of Oklahoma killing 18 people, and this Iowan captured it on video.

But there is nothing as fearful as a tornado warning blaring in your own backyard.

Fortunately, there are multiple warning and activation devices that could help save your life.

The Linn County Sherrif Department encourages you to sign up for Linn Alerts, a free service that will send you information on your mobile device.

Our TV Media partners at CBS 2 and Fox 28 also have an app that offers Weather First Alerts that you can download free.

And of course i107-1 is part of your Emergency Alert System network, keeping you updated.

Remember to always seek shelter immediately when a tornado warning is issued. Also, keep fresh batteries in your radio and flashlight at home. Get more tornado safety tips here.