Let's face it: while fireworks look awesome in real life, they don't always look awesome in pictures, ESPECIALLY when those pictures are taken on a phone. That's about to change.

Just in time for the 4th of July, Time posted an article with tips for taking some actual GOOD pictures of fireworks this holiday. I am definitely one of those people that takes about 200 pictures in a span of 10 minutes, trying to get just ONE postable one (see the photo above), so I'm hoping these will help me out this weekend! Here are the 6 tricks they listed:

  1. Turn the flash OFF.
  2. If your camera has HDR (high dynamic range), make sure you turn that off, too.
  3. Create a 5-10 second exposure. You can do this with apps like "Manual" on your iPhone or "A Better Camera" on your Android.
  4. Try to get more than just the sky in the photo. Maybe include the skyline or a person, as well.
  5. Use a selfie stick!
  6. Edit the picture afterwards by reducing the contrast and making the shadows brighter. You can also adjust the saturation and crop the photo to make it perfect!

I just downloaded that app for my iPhone and I am ready for Saturday! Hopefully, this helps you get some awesome firework photos this weekend!

Via Time