Today and tomorrow mark two very important days for some area 5th graders.  More importantly, it's 2 very healthy days.

Last Thursday, 5th grade students at Truman Elementary in Cedar Rapids were scheduled to do their annual Jon Cushing Relay 4 Life 5K from Truman to Veteran’s Memorial Stadium.  Mr. Cushing was the co-owner of Tektivity in Cedar Rapids, and passed away suddenly in 2011 while on a jog.  He was an avid runner, and each year since then, it's tradition for the 5th graders at Truman to make this run in his honor.  However, Mother Nature didn't quite co-operate last week, and the run is scheduled for tomorrow.  Drivers between those two locations should be on the lookout for temporary road closures and increased police presence from 9:30a till the students arrive at the stadium around 11:30a, especially along Johnson road, which will be a major part of the route, including a water stop at the Walgreens on Edgewood and Johnson, and again at the Johnson Rd. HyVee.

The new date means back to back active days however, as earlier today it was the annual Tiger Trot fundraiser, where the entire school gets outside right as the day starts, and makes 5 laps around the track.  We've been lucky enough to provide the soundtrack for the event the past couple of years.  The kids have so much fun walking, running, dancing, and being encouraged by many different mascots, as well as the Jefferson cheerleaders.  This year they also got to meet members of the new Cedar Rapids Rampage soccer team.  I was talking with the head of the PTO at the event today who expressed her excitement on how well the event does every year for fundraising, as it's a much better option than door to door selling of magazines, pretzels, chocolate, etc.  I couldn't agree more.  If anything, it's definitely a great warm up for the 5th graders for tomorrow's challenge.