You've been warned forever: "Anything you post online is permanent."  But so many think that's not true, especially with Snapchat, that deletes those photos almost instantly, right?  Nope.  And now, they've confirmed, thousands of photos have been leaked, from over 200,000 users.  Yikes!Snapchat isn't completely to blame apparently, as the leak comes from a 3rd party service at  And there's plenty more apps out there like it, allowing users to save Snapchat photos.  Since you never know if the person you're chatting with has that service, you never know if your photos are really safe.  Between today's news (aka "The Snappening"), and the celeb photo hack (aka "the Fappening"), it's just another reminder to be careful what you put out there, because on the internet, mobile or web, nothing is truly private.