While high school seniors have narrowed their focus and are awaiting their college acceptance letters, the college search starts to kick into high gear for juniors. I recall, it's a tough decision.  However, according to Buzzfeed's new list of the top 27 underrated colleges in America, I'm apparently a trendsetter, even though I didn't attend a certain Iowa School (which also made the list).There's just so much to consider when picking the right college.  Is it too close, or too far, from home? Is the campus gorgeous? How do their sports teams rank? Do they offer the activities I'm looking for? What's their "party school" ranking? What kind of scholarships and incentives can I get going there? Will my credits transfer? Oh, and how do they rank academically?  There's a lot to consider.

For me, I don't think I really looked at too many schools, although I honestly don't remember.  I wanted something affordable, that was a good business school, preferably not too far from home, and wasn't too big.  I pretty much fell in love with a certain University in southeast Minnesota who offered this Illinois kid in state tuition with a 4-year graduation guarantee.  And if you've ever taken a drive along the Mississippi on the Minnesota side, you know its simply gorgeous.  So I chose Winona State University, which was just ranked #2 on that list of underrated schools.  Feels good to be a trendsetter.

Alright, enough bragging.  There's lots of great schools on this list, worth adding to your list of collegiate potentials.  From small class sizes, to historic building, amazing exchange programs and strange courses, to campus beauty and that one midwest school ranked #2 on the list of party schools. (University of Iowa of course, ranked #22 on the list of #27). Iowa State (or any other Iowa College for that matter) did not make the list.

No matter which school you choose, take time to make the right choice, for whatever reason that is.