Cedar Rapids city leaders met with the press and citizens for the 5th straight day to discuss topics involving the flooding of the Cedar River through Cedar Rapids. They announced that crews will continue to reinforce the barriers set up to help stop the flood waters that continue to rise. The crest of the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids is still projected to be at 23 feet, early Tuesday morning. Sandbag volunteers are also still needed at the old K-Mart west in Cedar Rapids.

The National Guard is now in the area and will be in place as of noon today. Residents are encouraged to stay out and stay away from the flood zone.

Police officials also warned of several scams. One encourages residents that are leaving their homes to NOT secure their residence. That is NOT true. Residents are encouraged to secure their homes if leaving. Also, some people in the flood zone are being contacted and offered a free hotel room if they hand over their credit card number. This is also a scam.

You can view the entire press conference below.