It would be only the third time ever. Officials are now saying the water will go over the emergency spillway at Coralville Lake. The only other occurrences of such an event were during the floods of 1993 and 2008.
Significant flooding along the Iowa River south of the lake will be the result. Iowa City, Coralville and on the University of Iowa campus would all be in the pathway of the surging water.
The Army Corps of Engineers expects the water to go over the spillway by July 9 or 10 according to an official release from the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency. The lake could rise to 714 feet above sea level. The spillway sits level is 712 feet.
Here's an updated list of road closures in Johnson County:
•    140th Street east of Ely Road (at the ATV Park)
•    Sandy Beach Road (at the beach)

•    Chambers between Amana Road and Knapp Creek Way

•    Chambers south of 140th

•    Buchanan north of 540th

•    Orville Yoder Turnpike between Black Diamond and the bridge 

•    Black Diamond between Half Moon and Hazelwood

•    Black Diamond west of Blackhawk

•    Cosgrove Road at Old Man’s Creek

•    Eagle Avenue south of Rohret

•    Blackhawk Avenue at Old Man’s Creek

•    Sand Road between 520th and HWY 22

•    River Junction Road

•    Otter Creek Road

•    White Oak between 500th and 520th

•    Napoleon between Sand Road and Sioux

•    Kansas Avenue between HWY 1 and Sharon Center Road

•    Y Avenue off of Tri County Bridge

•    560th between Sand Road and Sioux 

•    Tri County Bridge Road

•    Maier Avenue between 480th and Osage

•    500th west of Oakcrest Hill Road

•    Oakcrest Hill Road at 500th Street

•    Oakcrest Hill Road between Observatory and 545th Street

•    Amana Road between Blain Cemetery and Greencastle
Drivers are encouraged to avoid Dubuque Street in front of Mayflower Residence Hall.
Also, a note from the Iowa DOT: Highway 22 between Kalona and Wellman is closed due to flooding of the English River.