Last week we shared the amazing story of Brett Wheeler and the viral campaign of #GetBrettTo1D started by his classmates.  Over the weekend, this story took a turn, as a generous individual heard the story and gave up her 1D tickets to Brett.  But this story is far from over.It was exactly a week ago that the post popped up on our twitter feed asking us to help spread the word to get Brett, a sophomore at Marion, to go to the concert of his idols, One Direction.  And his story is amazing and inspiring.

So on my way to give the tickets to Brett today, 1D came on the radio & I instantly started crying. I'm so happy he gets to go! #GetBrettTo1D   ~ @daniellenikole3  

Thus, this fantastic story has a happy ending... or does it?  We have a feeling this ISN'T the end.  Sure, he's headed to the August Soldier Field show with a guest, but what about the rest of his family?  And could there be more?  Stay tuned...

In the meantime, keep sharing the story and the hashtag.  Supporters are hoping to get the whole family there, and have started a GoFundMe account if you'd like to help support.  They're still hoping to get the story on Ellen as well.