All week last week, there was a forecast for rain on Friday. But for many, when it came to Uptown Friday Nights at the McGrath Amphitheatre, no amount of rain could keep them away from a good time. After a near record breaking opening night for the 2015 season of Uptown Friday Nights with the Cedar Rapids Jaycees, week 2 wasn't quite the same.  We sure a big part of that was the forecast for rain. All week had been calling for it, with concerns for heavy downpours. As the workday ended Friday, there was even some light rain coming down.  It might have been enough for some to chicken out of the festivities.  And if that was the case, they missed out.

The band, Swing Crew, out of Wisconsin, was a fun, and different trio, that really knew how to fuel the party with their unique style.  Those is attendance had a awesome time, as expected with each Uptown Friday Night. Just check out the album below.

This Friday is almost guaranteed to be a huge night, as the infamous Cheese Pizza makes their return to Cedar Rapids.  There's not a single person I've talked to who has seen one of their shows that hasn't raved about what a great time they had.  These guys seriously know how to throw a party, and we can't wait to check them out.  We hope to see you out there!