You might not realize this, but a favorite summer activity in this area is sand volleyball. This kind of seems odd as we don't live in an all out "beachy" area.  But there is one place in Cedar Rapids that caters to this need, and it's the same place that'll be turned into a huge tournament for a great cause Friday night. That place is Volleys. It's part of the Cedar Rapids Bowling Center, and I'm guessing you've driven past it on Blairsferry many times.  When it comes to sand volleyball, this is truly the destination. On the first Friday in June every year, it becomes the setting for the Annual Volley 4 Education with Junior Achievement.

We've been involved with the event the past couple years, and will be out there again this upcoming Friday night.  I take care of emcee duties, as well as provide the soundtrack for the huge tournament.  What's especially fun is the slight of tongue team names all the team creatively come up with.  You really got to be careful how you say them. There's plenty of drinks flowing all night as everyone has a fantastic time.  It doesn't seem to matter if it's the teams of "semi-pros", or those who just like to have fun no matter how good or bad they are; everyone is smiling and enjoying.  (I think it's partly because it's one of the most 'feels like summer' events you can do this early in the year.)  It's a great time for corporate team building too, as many groups are composed of co-workers.

The best part though, is while everyone enjoying an exciting Friday, the money they've given in registration goes directly to Junior Achievement, which locally helps area students become engaged in how their community works, and gets them ready for the workforce one day.  It's a great program we are very happy to partner with.

So if you haven't registered yet, and are ready for some "summery" fun, get your team together, and come up with that quick witted team name.  Then get ready to party with us Friday night at Volleys.  We hope to see you there.