An anonymous person/group of people left some special gifts on all the police vehicles in Waterloo last night.

So many horrible, horrible things have been happening in the news lately, but there is some good to come out of the bad. It seems like more and more random acts of kindness have been occurring all over the place, and we are happy to report that we have another one from Eastern Iowa. Yesterday, somebody or some group of people placed a red rose and a heartfelt note on each squad car in the Waterloo Police Department parking lot. The notes thanked the officers for their service and reminded them that they are valued and appreciated. Police officers are extremely grateful for the random act of kindness, and Lt. Aaron McClelland told KWWL:

"I wish I could thank the person or people who are behind this.  It means the world to all of us here to know we have this kind of support."

It's so wonderful to see so many people doing selfless acts for others in the community. Keep it up, Iowa!

[Via KWWL]