A new study found that 31% of pet owners have actually cooked for their pet, but that's not the only way we spoil them!

The study asked pet owners what they do to make their pets happy, and none of these anwers are really that surprising:

  • 71% let their pet sleep in bed with them (cat owners allow it slightly more than dog owners)
  • 64% buy presents for their pets on holidays, and 45% on their pet's birthday
  • 12% have brought their pet to work
  • 12% have pet health insurance

The average cost we spend on our pets every year totals at $1,193. Ouch!

I have done just about everything on this list with my dog Charlie, except for the pet insurance. I love to spoil him! He's like my baby (see photo above)! I think a lot of other people feel the same way. Having a dog or a cat is kind of like having a kid. They're part of the family!