The health benefits of yoga are well documented, and when combined with meditation, a balanced diet and a moderate exercise routine, can provide a powerful path to vitality and restoration.

Whether you're a newcomer or a long time yoga enthusiast, it's time to stretch, breathe deeply and center your focus on the following dates:  August 20th and 21st.

That's when the Fields of Yogi yoga festival converges for a two-day yoga festival in the New Bo City Market neighborhood,

According to the Gazette, organizer Ally Thompson, who works at Heat Yoga in Cedar Rapids, said she hopes to create an event that appeals to all level of participants with demonstrations, workshops and classes for beginners to advanced.

Thompson is teaming up with her friend Lexi Matthews, an event coordinator, to produce the Fields of Yogis festival. Among the instructors headlining the festival are Mindy Sisco, M.C. Sweet and Gina Caputo.

The two-day Yoga festival will feature instruction classes and a variety of sessions available for a fee that will help cover the expenses of the event.. You can find out more about the schedule by clicking here.

[source: Gazette]