Six-and-a-half years removed from the devastating flood, I'm reminded of just how far Cedar Rapids has come. The city has made a list that thousands of other American cities would like to be on, and considering what we've had to overcome, Cedar Rapidians should be especially proud. has named Cedar Rapids it's 10th Best Affordable Place To Live in the U.S. The reasons are many. The museums, libraries, parks, college grads, a healthy economy, and below-average cost of living, just to name a few.

The number one city on the list? Round Rock, Texas, a suburb of Austin. No thanks, I'll take Cedar Rapids. When you see a picture like the one above, it seems like the June 2008 flood was just yesterday. I remember thinking our city would never recover, but we have. Although some might argue, I think Cedar Rapids is miles ahead of where it was before that dreadful water spilled over the Cedar River's banks.