You've probably seen it by now - the dress that broke the internet Thursday night. Never in my life have I seen people on the internet get so passionate about ANY SUBJECT EVER.

If you live under a rock and you HAVEN'T seen the dress yet, click HERE.

The question that everyone is asking is this: Exactly WHAT color is the dress? It seems to be split 50/50 between gold/white and black/blue.

Well, if you think it's gold and white I'm about to blow your mind: it's ACTUALLY black and blue.

At first I legitimately believed it was gold and white. I just could not comprehend that the dress was black and blue. I even held up something black to the screen to compare, and I was like, "NOPE!" But THEN, I was scrolling through my feed and I scrolled past it quickly and I saw BLACK AND BLUE. And then my brain exploded. Now I can train my eyes to see both. If you are having trouble seeing the black and blue, try covering up the top half of the dress and just focusing on the bottom. That seemed to help me.

To read about the science behind why we see the colors that we see, click HERE.

Hopefully that settles the argument :)