Cedar Rapidians. It's what we are. Like everyone else, there are certain things that shaped you growing up in this great community. How many of these do you remember?

  1. Bishop's Buffet and how you ALWAYS had to go there.
  2. When Westdale Mall opened and how all the cool kids hung out there.
  3. Watching them make pizzas through the glass at Shakey's Pizza Parlors
  4. Seifert's Store for Women, Foreman and Clark, and how you always visited Santa at Armstrong's and that all three stores were located downtown.
  5. Visiting the exotic animals at Bever Park Zoo
  6. The dirt track at Hawkeye Downs... long before it was asphalt
  7. Hearing all the cool stories about CeMar Acres amusement park and wishing you could have gone there.
  8. When Lindale Mall was Lindale Plaza, and didn't have a roof.
  9. You know what Kar City Big Wheels was.
  10. When the Times Theatre starting showing XXX movies, but NOBODY you know admitted to going there.
  11. You went to a birthday party where Dr. Max and Mombo were, and it was the greatest day of your life to that point. And you remember how at the end of every one of their TV shows they'd say, "Take it easy, play it safe, and be careful."
  12. Attending KHAK Free Country Concerts with your family.
  13. Going to Lindale 6 Theatres.
  14. You remember what the Silver Bullets were.
  15. Econofoods and Sun Mart were among your grocery store choices.
  16. You shopped at Relics Records, or Warehouse Music, or Musicland, or...
  17. Going to Cedar Memorial's nativity EVERY Christmas.
  18. Some of your favorite memories involve going to Skate Country and you're so glad kids today still have the same chance at Super Skate.
  19. You used to sing along to the end of the Western World jingle on the radio. "A rare breed of style...Western World."
  20. Your mom's favorite store was Montgomery Wards.
  21. When the Cedar Rapids Kernels were the Reds, or maybe even the Giants, Astros, or Cardinals.
  22. The arcade at Westdale Mall was THEE spot.
  23. Going boating at the Ellis Boat Harbor and getting a gallon of root beer at the A&W before going home.
  24. You watched fireworks on July 3 at the Ellis Boat Harbor years before you went downtown on the 4th.
  25. You learned to love mushrooms through the annual Houby Days in Czech Village.
  26. Riding the go-karts and sliding down the giant water slide at Chapman's Fun World.

What did we miss? What else do you remember about growing up in Cedar Rapids?