When we decided to launch a pop music station in September of 2011, the first thing we needed to do was come up with a name. That is one of the hardest things to do. You need something that is relevant and sticks in the listeners' mind. And thus, we launched i107-1. Almost instantly, whenever we hit the streets, the number one question we got was, "What does the 'i' stand for?" And for years, we've kept that secret. That is until now.

There have been plenty of guesses over the years. Many assumed maybe the "i" was simply for Iowa. Others figured it stood for "internet", something we have become unable to live without. For others, it was innovation, as we were in the process of re-creating what a pop station in eastern Iowa needed to sound like. None of the above were bad guesses. However, when it came down to it, choosing "i" was an easy choice, as it had become the new 'trendy' letter. Think about it; everyone has an iPod, iPhone, or iPad nowadays. So the "i" was a reflection of that. But today, we give you something you may have never seen, that gives the true story behind the "i".

In a speech years ago, Steve Jobs first introduced the iMac, marking the beginning of the "i" trend. Remember those gorgeous machines, with their fun colors? And in that introduction, he provides this:

Youtube - The Apple History Channel

So there you have it. The "i" of i107-1, which is a reflection of the "i" device trend, ideally stands for "internet" (because we are very internet active), "individual" (as it's your station), "inform" (yup, we do that), "inspire" (we hope we do), and "instruct"... well, maybe not so much that one.

Tell you what, let's just replace "instruct" with "Iowa" and call it a day.