Usually, when you think of Easter, you think April. This year, Easter falls in March. March 27 to be exact. Have you ever wondered how the date of Easter is set? Here's how the date is determined.

In the Bible's New Testament, Jesus’ death and resurrection occur at about the same time as the Jewish Passover. For a time, Christians around the world celebrated Easter on different dates after the Jewish Passover.

In 325 AD, The Church Council of Nicaea made the decision that all Christians should celebrate Easter on the same date. They determined it would be held on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the start of spring.

The earliest Easter can be celebrated is March 22nd and that has only happened twice... in 1761 and 1818. The earliest Easter in our lifetime was March 23rd, 2008. It won't fall on that date again until 2160 and a March 22 Easter will not happen until the year 2285!

Happy Easter from the Hansen family to you.