Talenti Gelato is taking all of your social media posts and turning you into a flavor of ice cream! How sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, and sour are you?

Sometimes I come across weird quizzes online and I take them. Today that happened.

I found a link to a quiz for Talenti Gelato, and they look at all of your social media accounts and judge which flavor of ice cream you would be based off of your posts. Some of the flavors are normal and actually sound good... and the others? Not so much.

I connected to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and found out that my flavor is "Pots de Creme Cloudberry Almond." My results were 58% sweet, 25% sour, and 16% salty. I'm a little disappointed I wasn't named "spicy" at all, but hey, I'll live.

Which flavor are you? Take the quiz HERE.

[Via Mashable]