Few of us are ready for it yet, but the passage of Halloween in Eastern Iowa generally means it's time to start mentally preparing for something even scarier -- snow.

The best available estimates say the earliest recorded snowfall in Cedar Rapids in a given year, was a mere half-inch on September 26, 1942. Luckily, we've gotten past that date this year without a trace of the white stuff, but inevitably, it's coming.

Some interesting snowfall statistics for Cedar Rapids were compiled, through NOAA's National Climate Data Center (NCDC), on a website called Current Results. They indicate its commonplace for Cedar Rapids to see its first snow in November, but in about one out of every four years, it doesn't happen until December. I think we'd prefer the latter if we had a choice.

Not surprisingly, December and January are the snowiest months. The website reveals that, on average, there are one to two days in every winter month (December-April) where overall snow accumulation approaches ten or more inches.

If you're asking me to predict when the first snowfall takes place this year, as the song says, I'm dreaming of a White Christmas. And a good couple of inches from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day will be more than sufficient for me for the entire winter. No doubt, I will likely be a bit off in my prediction.

When do you think the first snow will arrive in Cedar Rapids? You won't win anything for your prediction. Just take a guess and share in the comments. But, be realistic. "Never" is, unfortunately, not an option. We do live in Eastern Iowa.

[Via Current Results]