I used to be a big fan of Glee.  I watched season 2 and 3 somewhat religiously. Unfortunately as we decided to "cut the cable", I just stopped watching.  (There were also a bunch of cast changes I wasn't fond of.)  One of the biggest moments that got me hooked on the show thought was a powerful episode in season 3, accented by an amazing song titled "Cough Syrup".

The episode aired 3 years ago, but if you're a "gleek" you remember it very well.  It was the cliff hanger where at the end of the episode, Quinn texts Rachel, while driving, and ends up in a car crash.  We had to wait months to find out if she was dead, paralyzed, or what, as rumors were flying around like crazy.  But there was another cliff hanger.

This was the episode the football jock, Dave Karofsky, the guy who used to torture Kurt about being gay, finally comes out to the school that he is gay as well, and it doesn't go over well.  He is heckled and tortured by the football team, and attempts suicide at the end of the episode.  It was a very stunning and powerful moment, reminding us all that there's always help, no matter how grim the situation looks.  What made this scene more powerful was the amazing song that was the soundtrack to the scene.  It was "Cough Syrup" by Young the Giant, as sung by Blaine.  It instantly became a "must have" song, as download sales skyrocketed for the next couple weeks.

The band responsible for that hit, Young the Giant, has continued on to great success, and will be here in Cedar Rapids for the first ever Newbo Music Festival coming up August 8th.  Tickets go on sale Friday morning at 10am.  If you're an i107-1 VIP however, you can get tickets starting at 10am on Thursday.  And Young the Giant isn't the only act you'll see either.  The line-up features a bunch of rising stars that are all equally impressive.  We can't wait for this show!

Glee 'Cough Syrup' (Full performance) from Ed kamilo on Vimeo.