How many of you have gotten a speeding ticket from the cameras currently set up on I-380 through Cedar Rapids? I admit it. I'm guilty of a ticket. I didn't like paying the $75 fine at the time, but I didn't want to face any further consequences. It turns out, as of right now, there aren't any.

I knew from the start that the tickets from the cameras on I-380 didn't affect your driving record, and therefore wouldn't cause an increase in your insurance rates. The main threat was if you didn't pay, the ticket would go to collections and then end up harming your credit rating. Rack up enough unpaid tickets and you could have a real problem. But a court ruling last year basically ended that threat too. It said that the city of Cedar Rapids could still turn unpaid fines over to a collection agency, but that they would no longer affect your credit score. So what CAN the city do?

Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett said that the city could then taken an individual to court. However, the court costs don't justify doing that over a $75 ticket. You heard right. If you don't pay your speeding ticket, it won't go against your driving record, and now it won't show up on your credit report either. It's time to take down the cameras. I understand the city uses them as a source of revenue, and they'll claim that they were put up for safety reasons. But if there is no teeth behind the law, what good is the law?


[via CBS 2]