Following two weeks of Olympic coverage is enough to give any self-doubter a strong case of "why bother".

Those men and women are the closest thing to real life super heroes. They're also so far from my own reality that it's laughable. I couldn't. I shouldn't. I wouldn't even attempt to compete against those near-perfect, ambitious, driven athletic types.  

I would do better competing again the mascots. The hot dogs, the stalks of corn, the baseball head-wearing mascots of major and minor league sports. Heck, I'd probably lose to them, too.  

Maybe I should lower my expectations and challenge a local high school mascot.

This begs the question: which mascot should I avoid?  Which high school has the strongest, toughest, best Mascot?

Prairie High School in Cedar Rapids has Harvey the Hawk. Jefferson has Jeffy the Jayhawk. Iowa City High School has the Little Hawks.

Kennedy has the Cougars, it seems they were all out of Hawks.

Marion has the Indians. Washington has the Warriors. Iowa City West has the Trojans.

Which mascot is the best? Who is the most popular mascot in Eastern Iowa?

Leave me a comment and let me know which High School has the best mascot.