After an amazing "Reggae on the River" show, our McGrath Music on the River series is off to a great start, and continues June 14th with "Jammin on the River" featuring Tallgrass on the TLC Associates stage at the McGrath Amphitheater.  Get to know the band before they take stage.

Raised by wolves, taught by squirrels, enemy of the owl - Tallgrass sings songs of happiness and sorrow. This trio brings gravel road vocals, quick-picked guitar, and a rhythm section with stomping ground sound. Influenced by old-timey sounds while digging through new-timey notes, they write and perform homemade auditory originals. Three-part harmonies backed by drum, bass, guitar, and banjo sits on music's front porch - may all the wrong notes be right.

Brothers, Adam Morford, Austin Morford, and longtime friend, Matt Skinner, formed Tallgrass during May of 2011 in Iowa City.  Their debut album, God, Sin, Whiskey, and Women, was released in the Summer of 2012.  They’re sophomore album, Better Than Medicine, was released in March 2014.  In Tallgrass’s relatively short existence, they’ve shared the stage with President Barack Obama, Melissa Etheridge, Sublime with Rome, The White Buffalo, The Ben Miller Band, and Whitewater Ramble among others.  Now based out of Colorado, big things are on the horizon for this power roots n’ soul trio.