When it comes to great pizza, there is no shortage of opinion of what constitutes a terrific tomato pie. What is the most important element? Which "style" is considered the best?

If your idea of great pizza is a frozen Tombstone, then let me suggest you elevate your taste buds to a more sophisticated stratum.

A recent article in the Gazette tells the story of an ambitious group of pizza aficionados who are trying to determine who makes Iowa's Best Pizza.

It's a daunting task, with so many styles and types of pizza to sample and grade. Everything from thin-crust to deep-dish, and Chicago Style vs. brick-oven, oh my!

So to help you make sure you're getting nothing but the best top-shelf information and opinion, the Iowan Pizza Chronicle was born. A group of real pizza lovers who are committed to the tough tough job of eating countless slices and squares of steaming saucy slabs of cheesy goodness. They meet once a month to keep the calorie consumption to a reasonable level, and continue to blog about their experiences with pizza from all around the area.

I've found it to be the perfect guide to Cedar Rapids best pizza and just a fun way to learn my way around town.


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