I remember reading some article before Ke$ha's "Warrior" came out about this time last year, that said it'd be more musical, less auto-tuned, and really show the world what Ke$ha could do.  And then it hit, and no surprise, it was more of the same.  But there seems to be more talent to her than we've seen so far.Haven't been watching MTV's "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life."  But I found this video of highlights of some of the new songs she's been working on, also her thought on the new album coming in 2014.  Granted, the video has the stripped down versions of new material, but it shows one thing, Girl can SING!  Sucks that time and time again in Pop music they cover up raw talent with vocal effects and backing tracks.  Sure, some NEED it, maybe many do, but not all.  Let the talent show their talent.

Does this surprise you?