Admit it, you've whined/complained/griped about this winter at least once.  From frigid temps, to freezing pipes, burst pipes...  but in the last week, one of winter's lasting effects cause a new level of complaints:  POTHOLES!  What's the solution?With all the snow and freezing, we knew we were going to have problems on the roads.  Then it was reported that plows were slowing down thanks to "frost heaves" (when the frozen ground actual pushes the concrete up).

CR Memes

Think about it for a minute: frozen ground, pavement shifts, plows unavoidably rip up roads.  Also pipes burst, ground softens and freezes, more uneven roads, more roads ripped up.  Then snow melts, water collects in uneven areas, expands, contracts = more damage and worse potholes.  So after slipping and sliding for weeks, if your car is still in one piece, the potholes are working to change that!

Good news is, the city is aware, and Mayor Corbett will be addressing this tomorrow morning at 8a at the CR City Services Center Service Vehicle Storage Area (500 15th Ave. SW).  He'll discuss how the city is addressing the pothole situation, how how Public Works is addressing it. Good news is, this is the first year of a multi-year campaign to improve roads, which is funded by the local sales tax option. City Manager, Jeff Pomeranz, will address that tomorrow, as well as discussing more long term road improvement plans.  They're also be plenty other officials on hand to answer questions.

It'll take time.  In the meantime, here's a list of some places to avoid that we've collected from around the net:

  • 42nd St. NE near Kennedy
  • 12th Ave SE between 15th and 19th St.
  • 16th and Edgewood
  • O Ave NW
  • Woodside Dr. NW between O and F Ave.
  • Ramp from L St onto I-380 South
  • Johnson Ave (especially near Hyvee)
  • Memorial Drive
  • Forest Drive
  • Westdale Mall parking lot

Our next concern, all this snow has to melt...  but we're not ready to think about that yet.

What major potholes are you avoiding?  Add your thoughts below.