The battle between the Divergents and the Founders continues in the second film of the Divergent series, and Courtlin has your chance to win your copy on Blu-Ray/Digital HD all week, which includes dinner from Pizza Hut. The series is one of the biggest to hit theaters since Hunger Games, and we personally love it around the station.  Shailene Woodley is one of our new favs, and watching her kick some butt in this action packed flick is so worth it.  So while we wait for 'Allegiant - Part 1' to hit theaters in 2016, the wait is finally over for bringing Insurgent home, as it hits shelves Tuesday, August 4th, also available in 3D. Plus it comes with over 4 hours of special features, like "The Train Fight Unlocked", "The Others: Cast and Characters", "From Divergent to Insurgent", "Diverging: Adapting to the Screen", and the audio commentary with the producers.  What I'm personally excited to see though is the "Insurgent Unlocked" feature, which is kind of a behind the scenes all-access, and is feature length.

So here's how you win your copy.  Listen to Courtlin all week starting around 4:20p as she kicks off the 107 minute commercial free Stopless Music Mix.  She'll give you a word to text in at some point.  The text number is 319-214-3107.  When she tells you to text in, do it, and one personal will be randomly selected to win each day.  The winner also gets a gift card to Pizza Hut.

So make sure you're listening, and good luck!