A Keurig for beer is in the works. Take a look at this dream machine, guzzlers. This article from Elite Daily says you'll want this by your side all summer, but seasons don't matter for beer drinkers. I could put one of these on the snow-packed table on my deck and invite friends over. They'd freeze their asses off, but would be having fun in the winter sun with some insta-beer!

Great story, great idea. Steve Young [not the 49er] is a St. Louis guy and is about to become very rich if this thing takes off. Wonder if the Busch Family in that town might be interested in the I.P.O.

I think people will pay $300 for it. Novelty goes a long way. Here's a slogan for Young & Company:

"Chicks dig the long ball and beer-laced Keurigs."


"Melrose-bound this weekend? Put this in the back of your F-250, Hawkeye fans."