A major class action lawsuit was issued against the maker of possibly the weirdest shoe we've ever seen... those FiveFinger shoes from Vibram.  If you have ever bought them, you will soon be entitled to a refund up to $50.

Granted, the shoes are extremely different, as they are designed to mimic barefoot running. While they intrigue me, I can't say I've ever considered buying em.  Of course, I'm not a runner.  From what I've been reading on social media though, they have plenty fans who stand by them 100%. The problem, and lawsuit, comes from a group accusing the manufacturer of false claims that the shoes would improve posture, strengthen muscles, and reduced injuries, as was reportedly discovered through medical research.  (Reminds us of the lawsuits against Sketchers and Reebok for their respective "Shape-up" and "Easytone" lines, and their false claims on those.)

So how do you get your money back?  Go to this website to file your claim. The website is not up yet, but will be soon they say. While the shoes cost $80-$125, this will only be a partial refund of $20-$50.  You do not need proof of purchase unless you submit more than 2 claims.

What do you think of these shoes?  Have you ever used em?