We've all heard the old stereotype that women are the worst drivers, but according to a new study, that's just not true!

Women and men were put through a series of driving tests to see who came out on top, and women proved themselves to be better. They found that men are much more likely to take risks, tailgate, cut corners, blow through yellow lights, and call/text while driving. Women have a few setbacks, but overall they are much more courteous and careful while driving than men are.

The funny thing is that, when asked, only 28% of the women surveyed thought that they were better drivers than men, and only a measly 13% of men thought the same.

So there it is, ladies! The facts don't lie! Now, I'm not saying that ALL women are better drivers than ALL men, because I've seen terrible drivers of both genders. But, ladies, we need to be a little more confident in our driving abilities. GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL.

Via Daily Mail