The upcoming Olympic Games in Rio might be plagued by tons of problems, but a worldwide Zika epidemic won't be one of them. The World Health Organization said that people are being overly paranoid about the threat of the virus spreading quickly. Here are some reasons why they don't feel you need to worry about Zika.

The Zika virus stays in your system for about ten days. So most people who do contract in won't be contagious when they return home. And nearly 80% of people who get the virus never show symptoms.

Also, a third of people who will get Zika are from Latin American countries who are already dealing with the virus, thus preventing it from spreading to other countries. It's also winter in Brazil right now so the mosquito population is down.

The World Health Organization stressed that this doesn't mean a lot of people WON'T get Zika in Rio. They stress that if you're pregnant you probably shouldn't go. But the chances of the virus causing an epidemic is close to zero.