When it comes to Decorah, there's more than the Eagle Cam that needs to come to mind. You need to be thinking BEER! As we get ready for Cedar Rapids biggest beer celebration, coincidentally just in time for St. Patrick's Day, we direct your attention to possibly one of the best in Iowa, if not in the world.  You'll find it at Toppling Goliath.

At least so we've heard. I've not yet had the chance to head up there and sample it myself, but from everything I've heard, it's on the "To Do" list this summer.

What makes Toppling Goliath so special? Recently, they took awards in a bunch of different categories in RateBeer's 2016 "Best" award winners just announced at the end of last month. Top honors went to their double IPA, strong stout, and American amber or pale. In fact, they were the only Iowa brewery represented, among only a handful of Midwest breweries represented.  Meanwhile BeerAdvocate, comprised of beer drinkers from all over the world, called their Kentucky Brunch (an imperial coffee stout aged in whiskey barrels), the 3rd best beer in the world (down from #1 last year), and their Mornin' Delight as #2. They also have 6 beers in the top 90 (4 in the top 35), with their 7th at 111. Last year, BeerAdvocate also called them the second best brewery in the world. Impressive for a brewery out of Decorah! Who would have thought? The word has spread on this Iowa brew, as they've been featured in USA Today and the Chicago Tribune.

While you might be able to find bottles of their finest across the area, if you look really hard, their top rated, like the Kentucky Brunch and Mornin' Delight, arelimited or EXTREMELY limited for availability, according to their website. Looks like that Decorah roadtrip weekender is becoming more of a priority.

But there is some great news... you'll be able to grab unlimited samples from Toppling Goliath, as well as many, many other breweries during Cedar Rapids Beer Summit. At this time were not exactly sure what specific lines their bringing, we do know they will be there. So, have you got your tickets yet? 3 hours, unlimited sampling... you just can't go wrong.

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