Banana split chocolate. It sounds like a wonderful dessert, but a beer flavor? That's just one of many crazy flavor combinations available around the world. Which ones would you like to try?

Here's 10 of the totally wild beer flavors available:

  1. Mama Mia! Pizza Beer Yes, beer goes great with pizza but in the same bottle? It has to doesn't it?!
  2. Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter It won Specialty Beer of the Year in last year's World Beer Cup. That flavor combination sounds great in any product. Sign me up.
  3. Key Lime Pie This one sounds great too. Citrus flavors of the lime paired with the bitterness of beer... yum!
  4. Mint Chocolate Stout Sounds like an after dinner mint in a bottle. Just don't throw this one in your purse or pocket to enjoy later.
  5. Breakfast Stout Who says beer's not for breakfast? This beer is flavored with coffee. It may not do a great job at helping wake you up, though.
  6. Fire in the Ham A beer that tastes like bacon and smoked ham. I guess you can skip your meal completely and just go for beer-sert.
  7. Coconut Curry You'd have to be a fan of coconut for this, which I'm not. I wouldn't even eat a free Almond Joy last week.
  8. Chocolate Milk Stout This one is hard to even imagine. Honestly, have you ever dreamed of a beer that tasted like chocolate milk? I didn't think so.
  9. Avocado Honey Ale It's creative and extremely healthy. Ok, maybe not. Who knew you could make avocado honey? Apparently that's a thing.
  10. Banana Split Chocolate It's really hard to mess up a banana split, but I'm afraid putting one in a bottle wouldn't end well. 

You can bet there will be some great flavor combinations in our more than 100 beers available at Corridor on Tap, November 21, at the U.S. Cellular Center. Get your tickets now before they're all gone!

[via The Daily Meal]