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The Road To Wrestlemania runs through Cedar Rapids this weekend. Some of us took a backroad to a fake fight event that was just as entertaining on Saturday night. McGrath Hawkeye Harley Davidson hosted the Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation. These guys brought some hard-hitting, pint-sized fun to the motorcycle dealership in Coralville.


Over 800 people attended the event and got their fair share of mini-smackdowns. I remember seeing Mini KISS at Muddy Waters back a few years ago. You gotta love a good Battle Mini Royale....with or without guitars and makeup.


This weekend at the Cell Center, see some of the best athletes in the world pretend to pound on one another. I'll be talking with WWE Superstar Becky Lynch on 3/3 to discuss red hair and Charlie Brown's favorite submission hold.

After the interview, I'll give you some free tickets! Wonder if Dan Gable will call.