Summer has ended and the kids are back in school. Some have been in for a couple weeks now, some just starting their second week. But one things for sure, it didn't take long for the school year tradition to occur.  You know school has started when... the kids start getting sick!  It's so common, CNN dubbed it the "back-to-school plague".

I couldn't believe it.  Friday afternoon, just a few days into the new school year, and I get a call from the wife, informing me that our daughter might be "coming down with something".  Are you serious?  What's worse, is not only did it occur over the Labor Day holiday, but being so early in the year, we weren't prepared or using standard precautions, so it spread right through the house.  By the end of the holiday, not only am I feeling it, but the wife has been affected worse than I, and my son's working on an ear infection I believe.  Luckily, it's just common cold symptoms, but still.

So here comes the "Back To School Reminder":

  • Germs are back so make sure to remind your kiddos to constantly wash hands their hands at school.  Teachers always stock up on sanitizer too.
  • Don't forget the same rules apply at home as those kiddos are covered in the germs.
  • Water fountains are horrible for germs.  Advise kids to run the water a few seconds first.
  • To help kids stay healthy, the CDC recommends 10-11 hours of sleep a night.
  • Exercise is also key for staying healthy with 40/min a day of "running around time" recommended.
  • Vitamin C doesn't fight off the cold, but helps shorten the length of it.