How many of your Facebook "friends" are actually your friends in real life? Researchers say it's less than you might think.

Facebook has really redefined the word "friend" over the years. On my personal Facebook account I have 758 friends, but in real life? I probably have like 20. And out of those 20 I think I have five that I can REALLY count on. Turns out, that's not really out of the ordinary.

A new study found that the average person has over 150 Facebook friends, but they only have 14 friends that they'd go to for sympathy in a tough situation. And when you're in a REAL crisis, it's even less! There's really only FOUR people that you'd go to. It all has to do with how much our brains can juggle. Researchers say our brains can only handle about five really close friends, 15 pretty close friends, 50 good friends, 150 TOTAL friends, 500 acquaintances, and 1,500 we recognize on sight.

So basically, social media still doesn't beat face-to-face interaction. The director at Thomas J. Fudge's (the supporters of the research) said, "Although social media may seem like the perfect way to make and maintain friendships, this research shows that face-to-face interaction is essential for truly authentic relationships and that shares, selfies and 'likes' are no replacement for the bonding that takes place whilst sharing food, experiences and anecdotes.

Read more on the study HERE.

[Via Science 20/AFP]