This morning, right before we left for school, my daughter lets out a yell.  Why?  She saw a spider.  So what next?  Call Daddy of course.  As I swoop in with shoe in hand for the rescue, my wife has another reveal. She lets me know it's probably the big spider she saw the other day, which is a sigh of relief if it is.

Backstory, she let me know the other night she saw a big spider, which got away, under the couch.  In fact, it disappeared under the exact spot I was sitting when she told me.  Needless to say, I've second guessed sitting on that couch since, for fear of what was lurking just below me.

I think most girls assume their guy has no fear of spiders.  It's probably because in front of you, we put on our "manly" face.  Unfortunately, that's not 100% the case.  I think this Vine video does that justice.


Back to this morning, with sandal in hand (mine of course as it's a sin to use anyone else's shoe apparently), I daftly killed the spider, which luckily didn't move a bit. Otherwise, I might still have that nervous skin tingling.