According to a new survey, 80% of people admit that they make judgments about someone after looking around their home.

In the survey it was found that people will judge you less than 30 seconds after entering your house, based off of what they see and what they smell. 1 in 5 people even say that they will avoid going to a friend's house because they dislike it so much! If you plan on having guests over soon, take note of some of these things that people notice the most:

  1. How it smells
  2. The amount of clutter
  3. Stains/marks on the wall
  4. If the couch is nice
  5. Wall decorations
  6. How stylish it is
  7. If it's homely
  8. How the shoes are arranged
The number one thing that people notice is the smell. That's not surprising to me, and that's why I have those Bath & Body Works Wallflowers in every single room, and about 50 candles floating around. I've been to smelly houses before and I never want to be that person! As far as everything else, I don't really pay that much attention. I think it's nice when people have very clean, stylish homes, but I also like when they look comfy and lived in. As long as it doesn't look like an episode of Hoarders, you're good!