Be careful what pictures you post on the internet! You never know where they could wind up.

An artist named Richard Prince is taking the time to remind us that what you post on the internet is for everyone to see. At the Frieze Art Fair in New York, Prince has displayed 6-foot-tall screenshots of other people's Instagram posts in a collection titled "New Portraits." The people who originally posted these photos online were not warned or asked if they wanted these photos displayed. Most of the pieces sold for around $90,000!

Not surprisingly, people are upset by this. I mean, would you want a picture of yours displayed and sold for $90,000 without your permission? They don't even get a cut of the money! Also not surprisingly, this isn't the first time Prince has been in some legal trouble for his work. But, he has won all his cases because he makes slight changes to each piece of art, making it "transformative."

Instagram commented on the issue by basically saying that if someone steals your photos within the platform, they can take action, but once the photos reach other platforms, there's nothing they can do.

What do you think about this guy selling other people's Instagram photos? Is it wrong, or is it ok because the photos are public on the internet? Leave your opinion below.

Via Washington Post