Every state has them.  Those ridiculous things that are against the law, and could get you in big trouble.  Well, that is if anyone really enforced them, as they are just that ridiculous.  Here's some of the craziest rules in the Hawkeye State.

  • Mustached Men May Not Kiss Women in Public

    Sorry, you're going to have to shave it guys.  (Although I have yet to be ticketed...)

    Simon Willms
  • It Is Illegal To Kiss Longer Than 5 Minutes

    That's a really long time anyway.  Wouldn't you have to come up for air at some point?

    Aleksandar Todorovic
  • You Can Not Be Charged Admission To See a One-Armed Piano Player

    Ummmm... huh? The thought is that this is an old, old ruling where this must be seen as profane, but that's a guess.

    Blaz Kure
  • It Is Illegal To Use A Dead Person's Handicap Sign Or License Plates

    This actually makes sense. Common sense, right?

    Eric Hood
  • In Cedar Rapids, It's Illegal To Read Palms

    Yes, the one up on Blairs Ferry is not within city limits.

    Brand X Pictures
  • In Ottumwa, It's Illegal For Men To Wink At Women They Don't Know

    I didn't wink officer. There was something in my eye.

  • In Fort Madison, the Fire Department Must Practice For 15 Minutes Before Attending To A Fire

    In other words, take caution if moving to Fort Madison...

    Denise Kappa
  • In Mount Vernon, You Must Obtain City Council Permission Before Throwing Bricks Or Stones Into The Highway

    When would their answer ever be, "Go right ahead"?

  • In Marshalltown, Horses Are Forbidden From Eating Fire Hydrants

    Huh? I guess when you're hungry, you'll eat anything?

    Scott Lewis
  • In Indianola, Ice Cream Vendors Are Not Allowed

    Those poor kids are so deprived.

    Jan Tyler