So you've contemplated buying your ticket for the Thomas Dostal Developer's Freedom Festival concert on the 4th of July.  In case you need more incentive than the fact that you'll get an amazing concert, your Freedom Fest button, and a reserved seat for the best fireworks in Iowa without the hassle of fighting downtown crowds... here's 10 things that'll cost you more than buying your ticket right now, starting at less than $20.

  • A Tank of Gas

    Even though gas prices have dropped, it's still more than $20 to top off the tank.  So forget wasting gas by heading out of town for great entertainment.  Stay here and get a great show.

  • Your Cell Phone Bill

    Get off social media, stop using your data to stream amazing performances and listen to music, stop wasting moments discussing bands with friends, and stop playing games.  Experience LIVE music, in person, with your friends along side you.  You don't even need a phone... and you'll save on data.

  • A Month of Tidal Hi-Fi

    Jay-Zs new service will cost you a bundle to get premium sound quality.  But honestly, what is better than the live concert experience?

  • Free Shipping on Amazon

    Every time you order something online, they bait you by saying if you spend so much more, you'll get free shipping, which is $35 for Amazon.  So, you end up buying stuff you really don't need.  However, these tickets you do need, and there's no shipping charge when you walk up to the box office to get your tickets.


  • A Round of Golf

    Do you realize how much you have to pay to spend the day outside getting frustrated as you hit a tiny ball that never goes as far as you'd like, or in the direction you'd like.  (How is this relaxing entertainment?) Even at the $25 deal right now at Seize the Deal, it's still more than a ticket to true relaxing, stress free entertainment on the 4th.

  • A Trip To See the New Avengers Movie

    It's easily going to be THE movie to see this weekend.  But after you get your tickets and some concessions, you're down over $20 bucks.  Wait for it on Netflix or Redbox, save yourself the dough, and see amazing entertainment on the Thomas L Cardella stage on the 4th, where explosion will be abound in the sky.

  • Vacation

    A quick trip out of town, even a staycation, will set you back way past that $20 mark.  But for that same cost, you get a stress free break from reality with a night under the stars, the best fireworks in Iowa, and great performers on stage.  An affordable Plan B.

  • Toilet Paper

    To get a 30 pack of a life essential, toilet paper, you're going to be paying more than the cost of an afternoon/evening of entertainment. At least if you want the good stuff, the stuff that isn't one ply sandpaper like you find at rest stops on the highway.

  • A Case of Beer

    We're not talking the cheap, light, taste like water stuff.  We're talking great tasting micro-brew beer.  24 bottles (or cans if you wish) will set you back over $20, even when it's on sale.  Of course the beer will be flowing on the 4th at the concert thanks to Fleck Sales.

  • A Ticket To the Freedom Fest Concert on Monday

    Make sure you don't wait to get your ticket, because the price goes up again on Monday!